What People Are Saying

I feel great today.  I lived with chronic pain for over 5 years and for it to subside in 2 days really is a powerful treatment. Just loved the care you provided, you made me feel so comfortable.  Can’t wait to come see you again.”  – Val G

I came to see Kimberly because of chronic pain and exhaustion. I’m very happy that I found her. After years of trying many different modalities, I finally suspected that poor lymph drainage was a culprit in my condition, and I began a series of ten treatments. Each time Kimberly worked on me, the flow of my lymph noticeably improved, and I noticed less edema and soreness. The “stickiness” of poor lymph drainage is palpable with the device, and it was encouraging to feel this sensation lessening with time. Each session was pleasant and relaxing, especially because of Kimberly’s expert hand, warm personality and nurturing touch. I hope that more people, including oncology patients, become aware of the deeply healing, helpful treatment that Kimberly offers.                                                                                                          -Amy K., Kauai                                                                                                                                “ I always feel energized, lighter and more balanced after my treatments.  This is one of the best things you can do in the prevention of cancer.  By keeping your lymphatic system clean and operating at it’s very best, it can trap and neutralize random cancer cells. When edema begins to puddle, it is a clear message from your body that the lymph is not flowing. One does not want your lymphatic system to stagnate.  Just like a pond that stagnates, it can become toxic and poisonous.  If your lymphatic system stagnates then disease begins to develop. Life does not exist in a poisoned environment.  Thank you so much!”                                                        – Leslie Proffitt, NES Practitioner, Reflexologist                                                 

hi there Kimberly,                                                                                            thank you for your wise counsel and skilled lymph movement the other day. when i woke up i found myself wanting to clean! that’s how i always know the lymph is moving well – so thanks honey        with aloha,                                                                                                      Darci  – Owner,  Hanalei Day Spa

From the Blog –

Submitted on 2011/06/02 at 2:26 pm

I have had a recent re-occurrence of edema from a reaction to some as of yet unknown substance. I have used this therapy previously with great success and am very very hopeful to have the same results once again. Kimberly, was very kind and the session seemed to be over all too soon. I’d recommend her services to any who are suffering similar problems.

aloha and thanks, J.

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