Frequency Therapy

Rife Frequency Therapy – $45. up to one hour. 

Familiar with rife frequency machines? New to it, or, always wanted to try one? 

Choose from a list of over 500 automatic-codes ranging from acne, detoxification, headaches, stiff muscles, liver, kidney and parasite cleanses and more. By holding the stainless steel cylinders and selecting specific frequencies, it is theorized that you can disable harmful microbes in your own body.* 

You can reach Kimberly at 634.1142

One of the best ways I’ve seen to describe using rife frequency therapy is that is is simply a term for the use of ultrasound to kill germs.This ultrasound can be produced in multiple ways but the ultimate effect is that it becomes sound inside the human body. Most every germ or pathogen has its own resonant frequency at which it will vibrate and shake until its structure is disrupted, much like the old adage about the opera singer shattering a wine glass with her voice. Most bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, etc., have very weak outer cell walls and when the right “frequency” is aimed at them, they will dissolve and fall apart. For practical purposes, there is no danger to mammalian cell membranes and cell organelles, because they do not have structures that are permanently disrupted by Rife type ultrasound technology. Incidentally, the intensity of rife ultrasound is thousands of times less than the standard ultrasound they use to view babys in the womb! This is explained in more detail in some of the articles by Physicist and Inventor, Gary Wade like “Vibratory Energy Medicine”. (Once the basic principles of this science are grasped, it is quite easy to see how this really works and how it can be applied to all manner of pathogen-based diseases.) Rife is ultrasound, not electricity or magnetism. Rife is non-invasive. The frequencies are in the range of those harmful to bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Rife is non-toxic, non-damaging to normal tissue in contrast with surgery.*

*This information is not to be considered medical advice but information to help you make your own health decisions. We make no claims whatsoever, nor imply any cure. Rife machines are for experimental use only. If you need medical attention, see your medical doctor. The information above is an abstract drawn from many information sources, reflects the opinion of the Authors and not Kauai Lymphatic Therapy.

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