Practitioner Links

Kauai is a wonderfully healing island & there are many, many outstanding practitioners in their respective modalities.  Here are a few that have made a difference in my life –

Nellie Foster, allergy relief
Check out the life-changing work Nellie does.  My family & I feel her sensational work to be well worth your time.

Leslie Proffitt, NES practitioner 270.791.5955270.791.5955
Truly amazing, on the cutting edge of modern medicine.  NES addresses the messaging systems within the bodyfield.

Melanie Lemay, massage therapy
Pure poetry in motion.  Unbelievable!

Glenn R Forman, Health Coach, CECP, CBCP
The Emotion Code | The Body Code  808.639.9221808.639.9221
Effortlessly releasing emotional baggage – what a relief!  Just awesome!

Dr Linda Fickes, medical thermography
Breast imaging, radiation-free & so much more!  The earliest possible breast cancer screening.

Carrie “Karu” Hodder LAc MAcOM, acupuncturist 808.212.4437808.212.4437
Wonderfully intuitive & caring.  Custom herbal remedies.

Glenn Forman, negative ion clothing 808.639.9221808.639.9221
Negative ions negate the positive ion junk in our bodies, so your body will detox as you wear them.

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