Bye-Bye Cellulite! In with the New YOU!!

Painless Therapy!! Say Goodbye to Cellulite!

Cellulite gone?! Yes!!

Many have seen elimination/reduction of cellulite.

It’s painless. Non-invasive. No down-time! No creams to buy!

Tell me more…

Experts believe a lazy lymphatic system is directly connected to the formation of cellulite causing backed up fluid to ‘stick’ to fat cells. Since cellulite is affected by reduction of lymph flow it’s very important to concentrate first on restoring natural lymph function. Kauai Lymphatic Therapy uses state of the art electro-sound lymphatic drainage instrumentation. This one-hour accelerated method cleanses and detoxifies the lymphatic system. A congested lymphatic system is thick, stagnant, laden with toxins, unable to circulate and eliminate waste. As the client rests comfortably on a massage table, we employ high-frequency electro-sound therapy via the hand-held XP2 to increase electrostatic tension stimulating lymphatic drainage. The results are increased circulation, proper elimination, detoxification and reduction/elimination of cellulite!

The number of treatments vary depending on each person, their lymphatic system, lifestyle and amount of cellulite. The sooner you start, the sooner the results!   

You can reach Kimberly at 808.634.1142 or KauaiLymph@gmail.com

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