Breast Care

Earlier detection, new treatments & a better understanding of         breast cancer has increased survival as the number of deaths keeps declining, according to the Mayo Clinic.  But most women are still unaware of how important a role their lymphatic system plays in having healthy breasts.

Our breasts have hundreds of lymphatic lines that carry toxins & precancerous cells out of the body.  In fact, the only way cancer cells leave our bodies is through our lymphatic system.  With one out of every four women getting breast cancer in her lifetime, it is more important than ever to keep these pathways clear.

In a congested lymphatic system, the fluid begins to clump & thicken, becoming sticky & stagnant, laden with toxins & unable to circulate to eliminate waste.  While we have three times more lymph fluid than we have blood, the latter has  the heart as a pump to keep it circulating, while the lymph system must be pumped by the movement of our muscles.  The less we move, the more stagnant our lymph system becomes.  With today’s sedentary lifestyles, pollution, diets low in nutrients , high in sugars, additives, preservatives, & because most of us fail to drink enough pure water to assist our body in eliminating toxins, our lymphatic system becomes overloaded, congested & clogged.

Besides the simple at-home  remedies recommended below, there are new technologies in lymphatic decongestive therapy available through your practitioner.  One of these highly effective technologies uses a high-frequency electro-sound machine, which breaks up congested lymph, allowing it to move effortlessly through the lymphatic pathways.  These treatments are fairly inexpensive, non-invasive, & leave you feeling relaxed  and rejuvenated.

Additionally the following recommendations should be incorporated in your daily lifestyle to promote optimal functioning of your lymphatic system –

1.   Drink plenty of water.  Toxins removed by our lymphatic system are eliminated through the kidneys and.

2.   Exercise to get your lymphatic system moving.  It’s not necessary to join a gym.  You can buy a good quality large exercise ball & slowly bounce on it for 20 minutes every day.  You can do this while watching television or listening to music.  Other effective exercises are jumping on a mini-trampoline for five minutes, power walking for twenty minutes, jogging in place for ten minutes, and swimming.

3.   Before going to bed, take your knuckles on both hands and press in gently on the outside of your breasts.  Follow the line of where the wire inside an underwire bra (the one I hope you are no longer wearing because this type of bra severely constricts lymphatic flow) would go along the sides of your breasts.  Now do the same on the inside of your breasts, then follow by gently massaging your breasts & underarm pits.

4.   Use only a natural deodorant without antiperspirant properties.  Regular antiperspirants shrink the lymph nodes so you don’t sweat, & this stops the body from ridding itself of toxins.  You want your body to sweat; you need your body to sweat.  You just don’t want the possibly offensive odor.  Many people have told me that most natural deodorants don’t work for them.  Herbal Magic, (I found mine at Hoku Foods) is all natural, smells good and seems to do the trick.

5.  Schedule periodic treatments with a Certified Lymphatic Therapist who provides electro-sound lymphatic decongestive treatments.

Kauai Lymphatic Therapy offers 75 and 90 minute treatments.  The number of treatments needed will vary based on the individuals general health & lifestyle.
These can be scheduled on a weekly basis, or more frequently if needed. Remember, decongesting your lymphatic system will assist your body in doing what it was naturally designed to do, keep your breasts – and all of you healthy!

Call Kimberly at 808-634-1142 or email at

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