Aloha Friends!

I’m so excited about my new website and being  more connected with our community here on Kauai.  We are so blessed to live on such healing island with truly wonderful people!

Just a little about what I’ve been doing lately – I have been treating so many people who are suffering terribly with their sinuses.  All this VOG and wind have really stirred up a tremendous amount of airborne irritants which can cause an overload effect on our facial nodes.  These nodes have to work overtime to trap and filter all these particles.  When the lymph nodes are congested they can’t fully process the sinus activity, which then in turn, backs up the sinus drainage causing that compacted feeling.  Treatment sessions that focus mainly on the facial nodes and upper respiratory track have brought great results in the form of sinus drainage, pain relief, easier breathing and sleeping better!

If this sounds like you, call me, I can help!    808-634-1142

P.S.   Mahalo to all my wonderful clients and the greater community of Kauai for all your support!  I just love what I do.  I get to talk story with great people AND help them feel better!


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